You’ve been rejected repeatedly. You’ve been mocked and made fun of at one time or another, sometimes by people you thought would understand what you’re doing. You’re working hard every day just to get people to join your network. Yet at the end of the day, you’re not even close to making that six-figure income you’ve been dreaming of. What’s wrong?!

Don’t give up just yet. Perhaps you just need to be further trained and molded. Maybe you’re not applying the appropriate strategies for the audience you want to reach. 

Some MLM entrepreneurs progress faster, while others are slower. In your case, you may have to carefully examine the marketing methods you are currently using. You may have to change, improve, or add in order to speed up your own progress. 

Well, guess what? You don’t have to search far and wide. Maybe the answer is just right under your nose! Yes, blogging is one of the best marketing practices you may not have been utilizing or maximizing yet. 

Don’t Limit Yourself to Old School MLM Practices

It’s the year 2015! What worked 20 years ago for MLM distributors and direct sellers may not work anymore today. Besides, there are new technologies at present that people from a long time ago wouldn’t have even imagined could exist in the future.

Cold calls, for instance, were never appreciated by people. Sure you might be able to convince one or two to take interest or meet up with you, but overall this method has become a waste of time for many. And until today, the cold calls method translates to Viber calls and Facebook private messages to strangers deemed as “SPAM”.

From time to time, there are individuals who are still successful with old school MLM practices. Nevertheless, you must open up to the modern world and how you can best reach out to your target market without seeming like a “spammer” or without getting them annoyed, angry, or disgusted. 
The big question is— HOW???

Blogging is the Best Way to Provide Value

Blog, blog, and keep blogging. This is one of the greatest and most effective ways to attract tons of potential customers and recruits. 

First of all, blogging is an amazing way to brand yourself and make this known to the world. You can set up a blog in your specific niche and post content that will make you appear more credible and will make people trust you or reach out to you for their concerns in that niche. 

Second, blogging is the best way to provide value. With your posts, you can address people’s problems and present your solutions. You can inform them and share the latest news. You can even entertain and interact with them. 

Perhaps you are presently making use of online marketing already to promote your MLM business. But you have to remember that social media is not sufficient in conveying your messages efficiently, providing value to prospective customers and business partners, engaging your audience, increasing your authority, strengthening your brand, and featuring inspirational and success stories. All of these, however, can be accomplished through constant and continuous blogging.

Just make sure that with each blog post, your driving force is to help your audience, not just sell to them. Make them trust and like you, and don’t let them feel that you have hidden agenda. From time to time, you can share some personal stuff about your life so that they get to feel closer to you. This will allow them to connect with a real person and not just a virtual presence. 

In my other posts about blogging, you will learn more about this effective MLM strategy including possible post ideas, traffic-generating options, and other important techniques to sustain and make your blog popular. Also keep dropping by or join my email list so you’ll always be one of the first to get hold of valuable MLM blogging tips. 

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