Sometimes life gets so busy I forget to think.

How do I deal with it?

I get all my critical-thinking done in the shower,
while brushing my teeth. It doesn’t require much
thought, so I’m not preoccupied with the day to
day stuff.

What do I think about in the shower?

You know, the BIG thoughts:

  • How to end world hunger
  • What kind of Ferrari to buy
  • The meaning of life… and last but not least…
  • …YOU!

Yes, You…

I try and think of all the possible ways
to improve your life (without complicating
my own)… to help you make more money…
and you know… all the stuff that matters to you.



My latest idea is the greatest yet.

Wanna hear it?

Okay, here’s what its all about:

Once upon a time I had a client who never made sales.
I could send him exactly what to do, on the 1st of the month,
with the best email swipe and the most amazing sizzling-hot
squeeze page to the latest whiz-bang opportunity there is…

…and he’d still not make a single sale!

(While other clients who promoted the same opportunity made a killing!)

No, he wasn’t cursed… and he wasn’t Jewish either!

Simply put… he wasn’t sharp.

His intellect was rivaled only by garden tools.

And I got 2 excuses from of him for every dollar he ever gave me.

This dude… in spite of me going out of my own way to help him, always ignored
my advice… often doing the complete opposite of what I was telling him.

No wonder he never quit his day job.

Why wouldn’t he listen?

Why couldn’t this idiot get it through his thick skull, that ignoring Steven’s advice is what kept him from making bundles of money?

I’m glad you asked!

In short… my advice worked, but he said he couldn’t implement
it on his own. Not because it was complicated, in fact, it was
extremely simple… 

It’s just he didn’t have the TIME… he said.

He was too busy…

Oh my gosh…


He’s gone now.

So why tell you this?

Because your soul can still be saved from 9-to-5 slavery… if you’re willing to listen!

Plus… now, you don’t have to do anything on your own, I got all of that taken care of for you!

Get in now here:


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